We combined the smallest LPR camera, the most convenient vehicle and the right mobile app, results?

333% more effective street parking enforcement, read how!

So we came up with the smallest LPR camera in the World: Picopak, a very accurate and fast LPR Camera for Mobile Street Parking enforcement; we knew that this kind of advance was going to be a revolution in LPR but we needed something else to make it really amazing.

What type of vehicle is fast, convenient and safe enough to take advantage of our camera? 

So we met with SEGWAY and EXYZT; the partnership was unavoidable; a few months of talking, negotiating, planning, twerking and testing resulted in the PICOPAK SEGWAY! yes! a Picopak LPR Camera perfectly mounted on a segway, powered by software to work on a mobile device.

This technological wonder allows a single parking control agent to check up to 1000 vehicles a day, much more than the 300 that could be done by foot, meaning more efficient and cost-effective on-street parking enforcement using License Plate Recognition (LPR).

The verification is strictly compliant with European privacy regulations. Many cities in France have already chosen this promising LPR solution for their street parking enforcement operations.

The story does not end here...

Picopak is so light that it could also be installed on a vehicle roof, motorbike or any other motorized device, even a bike!

Along with a mobile LPR software solution, PICOPAK is the queen of street parking enforcement! It can help check for stolen, unwanted, unauthorized and out-of-time vehicles so much faster than any other method. 

How Picopak Works?

Embedding all the processing allows for the extraction in real-time of the license plate, the PICOPAK does not require any processing server.

A Wi-Fi interface and an embedded Web server enable the installation of very light applications without any specific equipment on-board the vehicle.

Its ultra-compact size (10x10x4cm), low weight as low as 600 g and low energy consumption (10 W on average) facilitate the permanent or temporary integration on all types of vehicles.

For more information, see Picopak LPR Camera Details.

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