Vehicle categorization with SURVISION cameras

February 2015

With the VSI versions of the VISIPAK and MICROPAK cameras, SURVISION can now provide vehicle and traffic management solutions which offer automatic vehicle categorisation.

The VSI (Vehicle Signature Identification) versions of the SURVISION MICROPAK and VISIPAK cameras provide in real time a signature of the front of a vehicle, regardless of its type (passenger car, lorry, bus, light commercial vehicle, special vehicle). This signature is based on algorithms patented by SURVISION which make it possible to identify the vehicle in a very precise way, without taking account of the license plate number.This signature can be compared, in real time, with a database based on the experience of the user and created according to his chosen parameters. The system thus allows for determination in real time of the vehicle category, according to these parameters.

For example, the user can therefore categorise vehicles by make and model, by vehicle motorisation characteristics (combustion-powered or electric), by CO² or fine particle emission levels, by vehicle dimensions, etc.

The VSI SURVISION cameras can thus also be used by car park or road and motorway management companies, local authorities or the forces of law and order for traffic measurement and monitoring in order to implement variable invoicing, fining where there are specific anti-pollution measures, or simply the statistic categorisation of the traffic.

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