New LPR sensor SURVISION launched

SURVISION announces the launch of the NANOPAK 3, to replace the NANOPAK 2

September 2017

Optimised performance

The NANOPAK 3, which like the NANOPAK 2 is mainly intended for access control and public parking applications, is based on a new ultra-compact platform developed by SURVISION. It offers a number of improvements compared to the NANOPAK 2.

High-frequency processing (up to 60 images per second) and an ultra-high-definition optical sensor allows for improved detection and recognition performances, all the while proposing greater coverage width.

The major new functionalities offered include a high-definition, real-time, H264 and RTSP video stream, compatible with standard video recorders without any special integration. The NANOPAK supports new protocols, notably NTP, SFTP and 802.1x for data security.

The NANOPAK 3 integrates new technologies developed by SURVISION, in particular, the Plate Fingerprint (digital plate signature) and DoubleTrigger (number plate recognition triggered by external events).

Easier to install and configure than the NANOPAK 2 (no Focus adjustment required), the NANOPAK 3 has the same approvals and certifications as the NANOPAK 2 (EMC EN 55032; IEC 62471…), as well as UL certification, which is mainly required in North America.

Unchanged software integration

The NANOPAK 3 requires the use of the SURVISION CDK (Camera Development Kit), made available to integrators three years ago and compatible with both WINDOWS and LINUX x86 and x64 platforms. It is not compatible with the old SDK. On the other hand, already developed applications based on the CDK are completely compatible with the NANOPAK 3, as well as with all sensors of the SURVISION range, regardless of model or generation.

SURVISION integrator partners can now also acquire the S version of the CDK (CDK-S) which enables them to access the CDK source code and consequently to compile on any platform.

Identical mechanical integration

The dimensions, weigh and fixation points of the NANOPAK 3 are identical to those of the NANOPAK 2. The NANOPAK 3 can therefore replace a NANOPAK 2 without any mechanical changes. The NANOPAK 3 can notably be installed in the second generation NANOPAK TOTEM. The NANOPAK 3 uses a 24V power supply and supports temperatures ranging from -20° to +55°.

NANOPAK 2 last orders, delivery and maintenance

Customers can order the NANOPAK 2 up until 28 february 2018 for a delivery on 31 October 2018 at the latest. NANOPAK 2 maintenance will be available for a minimum of 7 years, starting from 1 January 2018 and up until 31 December 2024.

NANOPAK 3 orders and delivery

NANOPAK 3 orders will be accepted from this day for delivery from 1 November 2017. The NANOPAK 3 is available in three versions depending on the functional requirements of the project for which it is intended.

For more information on the NANOPAK 3 features, please consult the sensor datasheet.


For more information, please contact the SURVISION team at sales@survision.fr or +33 1 47 51 04 80.

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