Launch of the VISIPAK 4

SURVISION announces the launch of the new generation VISIPAK (version 4) for the 1st May 2015

January 2015

The VISIPAK 4 represents a major evolution in image-processing for vehicle detection and identification. 

The new generation VISIPAK, version 4 of the sensor created by SURVISION seven years ago, will soon be on the market. This camera, mainly aimed at motorway installations, tunnels, urban and peri-urban areas is very innovative concerning both the material components and the firmware that equips them. Based on ultra-high-definition cameras which function at frequencies of 60 images per second, with these cameras it is possible to improve detection and identification performances, and increase the amount of data provided by a single camera (license plate, dangerous goods plate, speed, nationality, classification, etc...).

The VISIPAK 4 remains true to the technological principles which characterise SURVISION and which have formed our reputation, all the while providing a considerable advantage in terms of image and performance quality:

- Use of a very low level hardware platform (no PC platform),- Cameras containing a motorised optical zoom enabling them to reach longer distances and/or achieve precise framing of the scene,

- No operating system (Windows, Linux),

- Embedding of all of the algorithms in the sensor, thus eliminating the need for processing servers,

- Maximum security and integrity of the connection to the camera.


The main evolutions of this new generation are the following:

- Full HD colour and B&W ANPR camera,

- Full HD colour and B&W context camera,

- Inclusion of a relay and of a RS485 connection in the camera,

- Change of the generation of LEDs used, resulting in better performances in certain luminosity conditions,

- Optimisation of the mechanical system for greater resistance to environmental conditions (waterproofness, vibrations …),

- Integrated extended temperature as a standard feature (-40° to +55°),

- Reduced weight and greater compactness. 


The new generation VISIPAK 4 will be available:

- With or without a context camera, 

- In an ANPR version (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), 

- In an ANPR-S version (ANPR + calculation of instantaneous speed + braking distance + signature on the plate), 

- In an ADGR version (Automatic Dangerous Goods Recognition), 

- In a video version for context or 3/4 view, 

- In a VCI version (classification of vehicles by measuring the length, the height, the width and the number of axles), 

- In a VSI version (categorisation of vehicles by signature on the radiator grill).

The VISIPAK 4 fixation and connection interfaces are identical to those of the previous versions. The VISIPAK 4 can therefore easily be exchanged for a VISIPAK 3, VISIPAK 2, MICROPAK 1 or MICROPAK 2. The VISIPAK 4 is compatible with the additional LUMIPAK projector, required for context view at night and for classification.

The old generation VISIPAK will no longer be manufactured or distributed from 1st May 2015 onwards. Orders for this model can be accepted up until 31 March 2015.

For further details, please ask your usual commercial contact or consult the below link:

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