Better secured ANPR sensors for sensitive data

November 2018

Connected objects in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and car-parks enable parking management companies to improve user safety and experience. However, they can also provide new entry possibilities for a number of risks, such as hacking or theft of sensitive data.

To counteract such threats and ensure continuity of service, SURVISION has reinforced the security of its cameras by adopting the latest IT security standards.

TLS, a secured connection

The implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology produces a certificate to authenticate the server receiving the ANPR data and ensure that the connection is made with the correct sensor. The integrity of the network is therefore ensured to ensure the confidentiality and the integrity of the data exchanged on the network. 

Cameras protected by passwords

The use of passwords allows us to protect the configuration of cameras and especially the certificates for the TLS protocol.

Protocole 802.1X, a protected local network

This protocol is used notably to protect the Wi-fi networks allowing for a physical access to the network, regardless of which type of support is used for the transmission. The ANPR sensor can be identified on the network to prevent parasite connections.

Asymetric data encription

The ANPR data and the metadonnes from sensors can be crypted to ensure the confidentiality and integrity. the RSA encryptment allows for asymetric cryptage for optimal protection.

However, if during the implementation of security measures, the password or crypting keys are forgotton, the sensor must be returned to the factory to restore the factory settings.

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